There is one guaranteed constant in buying and selling both residential and commercial real estate and that constant is…CHANGE. As a licensed agent with nearly twenty years experience specializing in residential, we have experienced numerous changes in the basic process of buying and selling real estate. One thing that does not change is that a licensed agent is required to update their education several times on an annual basis. Government regulations both provincially and federally necessitate upgrading our status, to better legally and ethically represent our clients. Other changes that have been designed and implemented to better serve the public include new legal contracts and real estate documents. The Privacy Act has necessitated more stringent regulations on how and when we communicate with our clients and the Real Estate Council of Alberta has also initiated many changes including new guidelines on how we measure and represent the properties we are selling or purchasing. Many exciting changes are being developed on the technical spectrum that can be of great benefit to all parties involved including sellers, buyers, agents, brokerages and third party services such as lawyers, banks, inspectors and others. 

With all the constant change, still the most important characteristic of success is transparent, honest and sincere communication. The agents first and foremost obligation is to ask the right questions and even more importantly, ‘LISTEN’ to the needs of the persons they represent.  

Since February 2000 the Hughes Real estate Team has completed hundreds of transaction in all quadrants of the Calgary and many towns and communities in the immediate area.  Sales varying from entry level condominiums to homes valued well over a million dollars and our team has firm partners that specialize in rural and country residential transactions. We would invite you to register on our website for full access to our many tips and suggestions. In particular we suggest you review and download our ‘Move In’ and ‘Move out” contact pdf. 

Due to Canada’s Privacy Act regulations, RECA implemented regulations that prevent us from promoting specific information on our website of recent sales or purchases without written consent of the parties involved in the transactions.  Consequently documentation of Historic sales information has been somewhat limited.

We thank you for your consideration and hopefully can assist you with your next real estate transaction.